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Lower Limb Prosthetics

The technology of prosthetic care has made giant strides in recent years. Modern prostheses make it possible to preserve or restore a patient's mobility. Such advancements in prosthetic care are enabling patients to actively take part in life. Prosthetic Care Clinic offer treatment for all levels of amputations and congenital birth defects for both upper- and lower limb extremities.

We design and fit, from simple low activity level devices to very complex myoeletric muscle operated systems. Our staff is highly experienced in a variety of modern and conventional suspension methods. At Prosthetic Care Clinic, we are truly dedicated to fully educate and train each individual on the best suited solution.

Our facility also offer minor to complex restorations on qualified devices. Aside from the functional aspect of each device, Prosthetic Care Clinic superior craftsmanship does not go unrecognized. Free individual consultations are available.

We consider our prosthetic services professional, skilled and compassionate.

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